The Business Development Department of Wavelock Advanced Technology (WAT) will
continue to work on new product opportunities with a new team in order to achieve our
mission of working with our customers to create new added value.

Our Experience

Optical co-extrusion
Film/sheet mass production technology

We are experienced in the mass production of optical co-extrusion films/sheets using PMMA (acrylic) and PC (polycarbonate), and based on this experiences, we support for your mass production such as trial production and evaluation of films/sheets.

Experience in developing new co-extruded films/sheets as an independent company

As an independent extrusion molding manufacturer, we are developing multi-layer new films/sheets using resins from various manufacturers, and we will meet our customers' requests with the extended knowledge of the technology of Wavelock Group.

A wide range of know-how of IMD decorative films from electronic devices to Vehicle

Our products are used in a wide range of applications such as electronic devices and in-vehicle applications for molding and decoration applications, and we will take advantage of our experience and know-how in performance and quality control, which are essential for these applications.

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